Video Forensics Investigation – Identify Videos That Real Or Fake


Video Forensics Investigation – Identify Videos That Real Or Fake

‌Video Forensics  Identify any Videos that real or fake. Nowadays all the people have a mobile, camera and computer in which people keep videos and images. In the time of this technology, people are taking great advantage of multimedia. Because of this, career opportunities in multimedia is also very high, like- Photo Designers, Graphics Designers or Animators etc. But some people are misusing it. Many times the image and video are presented as a precautionary proof.

Then forensic experts test these images and video in the Lab to find is that evidence is evidence is real or fake  ? But it is sometimes thought that which technique is used in the lab to detect fake evidence ? So read this article carefully and learn these useful techniques.

If we talked about some time earlier, the high-level video editing was just Hollywood‘s work. It took a lot of time. It took a lot of time to edit a small video.

At that time, different actors were kept on one set and then made 3D models of their face. But nowadays many software and algorithms are available on internet and we can easily download in from the Internet and we can also use it on normal computer.

These software can scan face from different videos and collect information they can swap faces and they can make interchange between 2 different face, like- Deep Fake Algorithm which was very popular. When such software became available in the internet, crime also started to grow too much. So Video Forensic is very important to find evidence.


How To Find Video/Images Real Or Fake ?

Here I am going to tell some video forensics techniques that will prove to be helpful to you. I will tell you 5 important topic to find that Video is real or fake ?

  1. By Seen
  2. Using Computer
  3. Software Compression Algorithm Software
  4. From Evidence Source
  5. Lights Effects


Step#1. First of all, any image or video is seen carefully that there is nothing strange about it. During editing, there is a lot of difference between pixels that can be easily seen if we found something different in Image or videos.


Step#2. If experts designer Develop a fake video or images then we can’t see  different in the object easily. In this case we need help of computer. We found some special algorithm software in computer which can scan every single pie of pixel of videos or Images. If computer found some difference in the pixel Then we can easily find out whether the video is original or fade.


Step#3. After that Forensic Experts use Software Compression Software. Whenever we edit any pictures or Video on any software and save these after Editing then those software left their Footprints on video or Images. However only popular software left their Footprints on edited files like- Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Filmora etc. Custom software or other software will not left their Footprints on raw files. But this techniques is used by Forensics Experts to find out that video is real or not ?


Step#4. Finally we need to know evidence source. For video forensics, it is very important to know what is its source ? Was the video captured from mobile or captured from the CCTV ? When forensic experts scan their codes then easily can check that video is captured from the which device ? Whenever image sensors Record anything then they left their Footprints on video and Images.

Every different devices has their own footprints. If you edit that Raw files from other software then you can find device’s footprints from videos. Then we can easily judge between Fake and Real Videos during Video Forensics.


Step#5. After all if we get fail in all steps then we can use Logics of  Science & Physics. Let’s find out Light source (Bulbs, Candles, Touch, Sunlight etc.) on the video or Images. We need to check light source and notice their direction and reflection. If light is falling on any object, then the light will fall on all object and not on any one object.


Conclusion –  Considering all these techniques, video forensics are used. With the help of these, it shows that there is no video fake or real. Hopefully, if you watch a video on the Internet, it will be easy to find that the video is original or fake. If you lean these facts then you can easily recognize that video fake or not.

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