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NIA Arrested Accused in Visakhapatnam Espionage Case Involving Leakage of Classified Defence Information

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Amaan Salim Shaikh from Mumbai in the Visakhapatnam espionage case. Amaan was involved in activating SIM cards used by Pakistani Intelligence Officers.  The NIA seized four mobile phones and sensitive documents in raids at Mumbai and Hojai in Assam. The NIA chargesheet names four persons, including two absconding Pakistani operatives.  The espionage module procured and leaked sensitive information about the Indian Navy to Pakistan. The NIA stated that investigations are ongoing and Amaan's interrogation is expected to reveal more about the conspiracy.

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UK and South Korea: Hackers Use Zero-day in Supply-chain Attack

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) have warned that the North Korean Lazarus hacking group is breaching companies using a zero-day vulnerability in the MagicLine4NX software.  This software is used for secure logins in organizations. The DPRK-based threat actors used this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to the intranet of a target organization. The attack started with compromising a media outlet’s website and then moved laterally to gain unauthorized access to information.  This is a serious threat and organizations should take steps to secure their systems against such attacks.

Bangladesh: Spy Agency NTMC’s Database Exposed and Data Compromised

An intelligence agency collecting data on Bangladeshi citizens had its database exposed online, leading to exploitation by hackers.  The database contained sensitive information like names, professions, and phone numbers. While most of the data was incomplete, it could still provide insights into the agency's data collection structure and its goals.  The exposed call data mainly consisted of metadata, which could be used to derive call durations and behavioral patterns. This highlights the importance of securing sensitive data.

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Secret Intelligence Documents Show Global Reach of India’s Death Squads

The Indian government’s intelligence agency, RAW, has been planning assassinations targeting Sikh and Kashmiri activists living in foreign countries, according to leaked secret Pakistani intelligence assessments.  These documents identify threats from RAW against people living in Pakistan, believed to be working with local networks to carry out assassinations and other attacks. The documents offer compelling evidence  That India has been carrying out a transnational assassination program against its political enemies. Despite these accusations, little intelligence has been publicly available about these killings.  According to a Pakistani intelligence assessment, RAW was also targeting two Sikh activists in Pakistan for assassination.

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India: ATS Arrests Man on Charge of Spying for ISI in Uttar Pradesh

The UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested a man for sharing important information about the Indian Army with the ISI.  The man, Shailesh Kumar, was allegedly sharing this information through WhatsApp and Facebook.  Another person, Wasiullah, admitted to misusing his account at the behest of the ISI to give money to Shailesh and other 'ISI agents' for their espionage activities. He used cryptocurrency to maintain secrecy.

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India: How a ‘Mossad Agent’ Helped Ulfa Seal its First Weapons’ Deal

The first weapons’ consignment of the Ulfa came from Romania in a deal firmed up by an Indian-origin man allegedly working for Mossad.  The Singapore-based agent, along with Ulfa chief of staff Paresh Baruah and two other functionaries, travelled to Bucharest to seal the deal.  This incident, which happened in mid-1993, remained under wraps for almost two years. The book, 'Ulfa: The Mirage of Dawn', offers a comprehensive view of the rebel group and its foreign operations.  It reveals that the Ulfa suffered a split more than a decade ago after its top leaders were handed over by Bangladeshi security forces to India.

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Pakistan: Two Retired Army Officers Sentenced over Espionage

Two former army officers were convicted and sentenced for collaborating with RAW, the Indian spy agency.  They were sentenced under the Official Secrets Act 1923 and the Army Act 1952 for charges of sedition and spying for a foreign agency.  The two convicts are currently abroad and proclaimed offenders. They used social media to spread disinformation and anti-state propaganda.

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