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Zambia: Gold Scam Suspects Charged with Espionage, Obtaining Money by False Pretences

"Four Zambians involved in a gold scandal have been arrested and charged with spying and fraud. They've been in custody for almost two weeks. Their lawyer accuses the government of protecting the Egyptians by making them witnesses."

India: “ISI Agents Staying in State, Working Against Country”: BJP’s Bengal Chief Sukanta Majumdar

The BJP's West Bengal president, Sukanta Majumdar, claimed that suspected agents from Pakistan's spy agency, the ISI, are staying in the state and using it for anti-national activities. He criticized the Mamata Banerjee government, accusing it of supporting these agents. This comes after the arrest of a man allegedly working as an ISI spy in Kolkata, with sensitive documents found in his possession. The ruling Trinamool Congress has not yet responded to these allegations.

Turkish Intelligence Kills Senior PKK Member in Iraq

Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) conducted an operation in northern Iraq and killed a senior member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) named Kadri Encu, also known as "Dogan." He played a crucial role in transporting group members, weapons, and munitions between Iraq and Syria, facilitating attacks in Turkey's Operation Claw-Lock zone. The Turkish intelligence agency has been increasingly active in combating "terrorist" activities in neighboring Iraq and Syria.

Ukrainian SBU Detained Russian Agent in Kherson

Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) has arrested a woman they believe was a Russian agent responsible for directing missile attacks on Kherson. She tracked and shared the locations and movements of Ukrainian defenders, enabling Russian attacks. The suspect, a local resident, was recruited remotely by the invaders after Kherson's occupation and communicated with the enemy through anti-Ukrainian online activities, leading to her arrest and the seizure of evidence.

US Companies in China Struggle with Raids, Slow Deal Approvals, Anti-espionage Law

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo revealed that American companies are finding China too risky to invest in due to fines, raids, and other actions. Recent hurdles include crackdowns on consultancy firms, exit bans preventing people, including foreign executives, from leaving China, and slow regulatory approvals, as seen in Intel's failed merger deal with an Israeli chipmaker.

United States: Texas National Guard Disbanded Intelligence Wing after Members Used WhatsApp to Spy on Migrants

Texas National Guard officers shared a list of names from WhatsApp migrant chats with Homeland Security, seeking help in their investigation. However, Homeland Security rejected the request, leading to the disbandment of the Guard's intelligence unit after whistleblowers reported the surveillance, which violated state rules. Several officers faced administrative discipline as a result.

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