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China: Guoanbu Securing Non-Chinese Passports for its Agents

The Chinese army moving near Arunachal Pradesh shows that China is still interested in that area. China is also helping its people get Indian passports by arranging marriages between men from Arunachal Pradesh and Chinese women.

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China to Disclose Secret US ‘Global Reconnaissance System,’ Claims Official

Chinese officials have promised to reveal a secret spying system used by the U.S. government. This comes after investigating a suspected hack of earthquake monitoring gear in Wuhan. China wants to show that the U.S. also spies, as they've been criticized for similar actions. China's investigation involves their National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and Qihoo 360 internet security company. The information being targeted is about seismic intensity, which can help with understanding terrain, weapons, and nuclear tests.

South Korea: Pyongyang May Launch a Spy Satellite at the End of the Month

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A lawmaker from South Korea says that North Korea might send up another spy satellite in late August or early September. North Korea tried before in May with the Chollima-1 rocket, but it failed and fell into the sea. They said it was due to problems with the engine and fuel system. Now, they're getting ready for a new launch after looking into what went wrong.

Chinese Entanglement DLL Hijacking in the Asian Gambling Sector

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A cyber security company called Sentinel Labs looked into this. They found that after China cracked down on its gambling industry in Macao, Southeast Asia's gambling sector became important to China. They use data collection to watch over related activities. There's been malware and technology linked to China that targets this sector. They think it's connected to an attack called Operation ChattyGoblin. China might be behind it. They suspect a group called BRONZE STARLIGHT, which might be from China, is involved. This group doesn't just want money, they want information. But it's hard to be sure because different Chinese groups often share tools and methods. It's tricky to figure out exactly who's doing what.

How Bangladesh Came by its Cyber Intelligence Tools

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A report on Intelligence Online said that even though there are rules against sending certain goods to Bangladesh, their intelligence services still have cyber equipment from the West that can be used for different purposes.

Ukrainian Spy Agency Takes Credit for Strikes on Russian Airbases

Ukraine's Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) claimed responsibility for drone attacks on Russian airbases. They said they recruited people from central Russia to carry out the attacks and then return. The GUR spokesperson mentioned damage to Russian aircraft. Russian sources confirmed a drone attack but gave differing reports on the damage. Some officials said there was no significant damage, while others reported aircraft damage. The details are unclear and not confirmed officially.

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