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UK Officials Warn of Importing Chinese Cars, Citing ‘Espionage’ Fears

UK lawmakers are concerned Chinese electric cars could let China spy on Britons. Cheaper Chinese cars gaining popularity worry MPs over security and Chinese control in the UK, following past tech security concerns like the Huawei ban.

Source : almayadeen

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Ukrainian SBU Detained Russian Agent in Ochakov

Ukraine's Security Service stopped a Russian informant who planned an airstrike during the President's visit. The informant aimed to find military positions and ammo storage; she was caught gathering data and using connections for information.

Germany’s Bosch Alleged to Aid Iran in Spy Tech Targeting Protestors

In 2017, Bosch, a big German engineering company, reportedly helped Iran with facial recognition tech and provided many street cameras. A German TV report revealed this, saying Bosch gave instructions at an Iranian university, but Bosch denied its cameras can fully recognize faces and its employee's involvement. The Iranian government uses these cameras to watch people, especially women, and activists try to disable them to protect protesters from being caught.

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LetMeSpy, a spyware service in Poland, will shut down due to a data breach that wiped out its servers and stolen data. The app, used to secretly gather data from phones, was compromised and its operations stopped after the breach.

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Spyware Maker LetMeSpy Shuts Down After Hacker Deletes Server Data

Pakistan: Bill Granting Near-blanket Powers to Pakistani Spy Agencies Passed by Parliament

Pakistan's government passed a new law that gives strong powers to intelligence agencies and proposes a 3-year prison term for revealing spy officials' identities. The Official Secrets (Amendment) Bill 2023 initially allowed intelligence agencies to arrest without warrants, but this provision was removed after criticism, and the bill now awaits the President's approval.

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Taiwan: Five Indicted in China Espionage Cases

Five individuals, including a father, son, and two Air Force officers, have been charged by the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office for allegedly spying for China. The cases involve leaking classified documents about military exercises and secrets, with payments made in exchange for information. Another case involves a retired soldier recruited by China's intelligence officers to convert Taiwanese soldiers into spies, promising payments for classified information.

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